Fixing Electrical

Electrical failures are very common and result in the hard drive not operating correctly. iCube Development can fix electrical failures.

Hard Drive Electrical Failures:

Most hard drives have many electrical safety measures located on their PCB. These safety measures prevent electrical damage from reaching critical components of the hard drive. It is very common for electrical failures only to damage these safety measures and once replaced the hard drive will operate as normal. Most hard drives will not turn on with damaged or missing safety components.

iCube Development uses a fast recovery process to recover data from electrical failures.

Typical Failure Types:

  • PCB (logic board) circuit failure.
  • Pre-amplification chip failure.
  • Microprocessor failure.
  • Motor IC chip failure.
  • TVS and fuse failures.

It is also possible that electrical failures may cause mechanical failures (an example would be the amplification chip located inside the hard drive chassis). If an electrical failure causes damage to mechanical aspects of the hard drive, both must be repaired in order to recover data.

Typical Failure Reasons:

  • Unstable and / or inconsistent power supply.
  • Sudden power failures.
  • User error (wrong cable is connected).

Can I Fix Electrical Failures Myself?

Why did my hard drive fail and can I fix it myself?

The average consumer will not have the knowledge to determine what part or parts have become damaged. That said, it is possible for some electrical failures to be self-repaired. iCube Development has dedicated tools to rapidly diagnose electrical failures.

It should be noted that replacing the PCB will not fix an electrical problem. Replacing a PCB (even if it's an exact match) may result in a mechanical failure. Manufacturers store unique information about the hard drive on the PCB. Removing this information will render modern hard drive inoperable.


Before you start trying to fix electrical failures issues yourself.

Attempting to repair electrical failures without the use of specialized equipment and knowledge may result in the loss of data or the inability to recover data. iCube Development provides this information without warranty and for educational purposes only.