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  • How to Pin Someone on Snapchat

    Do you often find it challenging to locate conversations with your close friends or favorite people on Snapchat? Use Snapchat’s “Pin” feature to affix individual or group conversations to the […]
  • 9 Ways to Fix “No App Found to Open URL” in Android

    Do you keep receiving a “No App Found to Open URL” error while tapping on an in-app link in Android? Learn why that happens and what you can do to […]
  • How to Remove Payment Cards From DoorDash

    DoorDash is one of the leading food delivery services (like Uber Eats) that enables people from around the world to order food from local stores and restaurants via delivery drivers […]
  • Browser Search Engine Keeps Changing to Yahoo? 4 Ways to Fix

    Thanks to Yahoo’s unique revenue-sharing model, it’s lucrative for browser hijackers to redirect random users to its search engine. If you notice something similar happening on your own browser, you […]
  • Top 4 Ways to Get Free TikTok Coins

    You probably have a favorite streamer on TikTok. Much like Twitch, you can gift them a token of your appreciation in the form of TikTok Coins. Something to note is […]
  • How to Text Someone Who Blocked You (iPhone and Android)

    Do you suspect that you can’t text someone because they blocked your phone number? We’ll show you alternate ways to get through to them. Note that cellular network downtime sometimes […]
  • The Best Playstation Plus Premium Games You Don’t Want to Miss

    The new PlayStation Plus Extra and PlayStation Plus Premium tiers give gamers many games to play as soon as they set up their PlayStation 5. You don’t even have to […]
  • How to Fix Web Pages That Won’t Load

    [] Are you having trouble loading a web page in your browser? If so, your web page may be down or your device may have an issue preventing your access. […]
  • How to Transfer an Amazon Gift Card Balance

    Amazon gift cards can refer to either physical gift cards or eGift cards that are received via text message or email. These gift cards can be redeemed on your Amazon […]
  • How to Fix ”Unable to Connect to World” Error in Minecraft

    Minecraft comes into its own when you have friends to play with, but nothing puts a damper on the fun when you try to connect to a friend’s world, and […]
  • How to Find Your Contacts on Instagram

    Instagram allows you to connect with people you already know and new people you’ve never met. So whether you’re new to the platform or are already on your way to […]
  • How to Use Auto-Translate and Closed Captions for YouTube Videos

    Language or volume shouldn’t stop you from enjoying videos on YouTube. Using closed captions, you can see the real-time words as well as hear them. With the Auto-Translate feature you […]
  • How to Add Background Music to a Video Clip

    Editing videos you’ve captured on your phone or a video camera can feel overwhelming at first. Most video editing software offers many options, controls, and panels, and it might feel […]
  • Facebook Pictures Not Loading? 10 Ways to Fix

    Facebook is one of the oldest, and most widely used social media platforms. We always expect it to be available, just a click away, ready to work, and display everything […]
  • How to Share a Spotify Playlist

    If you enjoy listening to your favorite songs on Spotify, is there a friend or family member who would like those same tunes? By sharing your Spotify playlist, you can […]

Technology News:

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