Our Team:

The team makes the company, not the other way around. We're proud to have the very best in Calgary data recovery talent.

Matthew Kinderwater

Director of IT Services | Ext. #: 501 (mkinderwater@icubedev.com)

Certified as a MSCE, MSSE, MCP, CCNA, MMCP, IRDP, CRDP, A+ computer technician and data recovery professional Matthew brings years of hands-on computer support service to iCube Development.

Julie Kinderwater

Director of Finance | Ext. #: 503 (jkinderwater@icubedev.com)

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Ian May

Senior Computer Service Technician | Ext. #: 502 (imay@icubedev.com)

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Lois Elliott

Account Services (lelliott@icubedev.com)

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